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The initiative is investing between $30 and $40 million over 10 to 15 years. We’re working to ensure that children in Forsyth County reach developmentally-appropriate milestones in the first five years, enter kindergarten ready to learn, and leave set for success in school and life.

Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust’s Great Expectations

When children start school ready to learn, they are more likely to succeed in school and beyond. According to the 2015 , every dollar spent on early childhood initiatives provides over eight dollars in benefits back to the children themselves and to society.Studies consistently show that investments in high-quality early childhood development pay off in terms of increased high school graduation rates, higher earnings, greater job security, and fewer encounters with the justice system. Yet, in Forsyth County, almost half of all children enter kindergarten each year at risk of falling behind their peers in reading. The fact that 36 percent of our children (over 8,000) between ages zero to four live below the poverty line, makes it harder for them to succeed academically. Despite well-intentioned efforts on all our parts, we have not made fundamental progress.

That’s why the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust is investing in a new way of working. Through , we’re listening to parents, aligning good efforts, and investing in best practices. We believe this will improve educational outcomes, foster equity, and help every child—and ultimately our entire county—succeed.

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We’re investing resources over the next 10-15 years in Great Expectations , so that financially-disadvantaged children living in Forsyth County between the ages of zero and six will be able to:

> Reach age-appropriate developmental milestones from birth to entry into 1st grade > Enter kindergarten healthy and ready to learn > Graduate from kindergarten healthy and with the knowledge, skills and behaviors expected for success in 1st grade

Great Expectations will require a long-term, comprehensive effort. To help ensure our success, the Trust will:

> forge partnerships with many key stakeholders, including families, providers, organizations and systems to achieve our shared goals. > work with two, or even three, generations at once to ensure that parents and/or grandparent caregivers are better able to provide a healthy and nurturing environment for their young children. > work with MDC, our“Activating Agency,” to coordinate and support the many partners and activities of Great Expectations.

Great Expectations currently focuses on five core priorities:

> Improvements in Child and Family Health > Improvements in Self-Regulation and Executive Function among Children and Adults > Improvements in Parent-Child Interactions and Adult Caregiving Capacity > Supports for Children’s Oral Language and Vocabulary Development > Building the Capacity of Parents, Providers, Communities, and Systems that Serve Young Children and Families

The Activation Plan for Great Expectations can be found here.

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For the latest News and Updates on the HITECH Act, CMS EHR Incentive Program, and Meaningful Use.
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By Matt Fisher , Esq Twitter: @matt_r_fisher Host of Zales Diamond Accent Heart and Hand Ring in Sterling Silver I42wrN4
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Matt Fisher

Access cannot be freely granted to data. Such is the reality of the world today. If a vendor is allowed to freely access, use or otherwise interact with data, unnecessary risk has been created. Why go down the risk-filled road, when issues can be identified and addressed? This question is central for healthcare entities, whether covered entities contracting with business associates or business associates contracting with subcontractors. The direct liability all of the way up and down the chain of access now firmly entrenched in HIPAA means no entity on any level can escape notice.

If risk exists on all levels, what can be done? Asking questions prior to full engagement of a vendor is the first step. Do not assume that a vendor is providing all necessary information, or even any of the relevant information when pitching services. Instead, having a questionnaire ready to go that can pull in baseline data. For example, ask a vendor whether it has HIPAA policies and procedures in place, when it conducted its last risk analysis, how the results of the risk analysis were used and whether a breach has ever occurred. Obtaining responses to these and similar questions can begin providing comfort as to the actual status of a vendor’s security and/or privacy preparedness.

If a vendor makes it past the initial road of vetting, the terms of the service agreement are the next important step. What requirements should be baked into the agreement and how specific or granular should those requirements go. The answer likely depends upon the nature of the services being provided. If a vendor is hosting protected health information or regularly transmitting protected health information, then the agreement may get quite specific as to types of encryption to utilize, means of transmission or other requirements. However, if the vendor provides a service where they only get a minor subset of protected health information, then a little more leniency may be possible. In addition to the scope of requirements for protection specified, consideration should be given to the consequences of non-compliance. Is there a monetary penalty, immediate termination or some other outcome? Again, the scope of remedies will depend upon the nature of the services, but all of these issues should be considered.

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